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Table of content to all previous key articles

Hello everyone.
Sorry for not keeping these articles coming. I have been busy raising a family and pursuing my other interest of composing original instrumental rock/jazz music on keyboards and drums. If interested, you can follow my fan page on facebook at You can also follow me on YouTube with my channel or on Twitter Having said that, I wanted to provide a summary here that provides links to all my past key articles for easy, quick reference. Thank you all for being loyal readers. My best wishes to you.
Ole Cram

This is a table of contents for all previous key articles. Provided for quick access.

Understanding accredited investors:
Understanding accredited investors

What differentiates a successful accredited investor? What makes them successful?

You may be an accredited investor and not know it

General articles:
Being laid off? Think about becoming an entrepreneur

The cost of borrowing from your tax deferred account

Understanding inflation and how it affects you

Understanding debt and mortgage related:
Understanding debt (what it really costs you and how to get out of it)

Should you pay off your mortgage early?

Fallacy of buying a home for the tax deduction

Investing in general:
Why do you need to earn a higher rate than the percentage of investment loss?

Don't let fear drive your investment decisions

Understanding compounding interest

Psychology of trading - how pros count on emotional amateurs

Investing in stocks/options:
Stocks - Understanding the use of margins

Understanding stocks - how businesses generate funds from initial sale of stock

Understanding options

Stocks: Understanding stock shorting - making money when a stock price goes down

Investing in oil and gas drilling ventures:
Almost everything you need to know about oil and gas drilling investments

An example of a combined Oil and Gas and Real Estate investment

Thank you again for following my articles. I hope they have been of some benefit to you with your financial goals.Ole Cram

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