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Part 3: How To Choose A Specific Oil and Gas Drilling Venture To Invest In

Third and final article in the series:
This is the third article in this series about how to make the choice on a specific oil/gas well drilling project to invest in. Click here to read the first article.

Focusing specifically on an investment in drilling for oil and gas:
In the previous article, we covered many ways of investing in oil and gas. From this point forward, we will address those investors who have decided to invest in domestic drilling ventures for oil and gas.

Choosing a specific oil developer to invest with:
After you have clearly defined your investment strategy (see the first article in this series), you need to look for oil producers that offer the type of investments that fit your strategy. However, there are many inexperienced and questionable oil producers out there trying to get your money.

Once you decide to invest in oil and gas, where do you go to find viable projects?
Your best bet would be to find someone who is currently a successful oil and gas investor and find out what they are doing. Ask everyone you know if they know such a person. After you exhaust those sources, ask professionals who deal with high net people such as financial advisers, the local Chamber of Commerce, accountants, lawyers, etc. The most risky place to look for these investments is over the Internet, magazine or newspaper ads, and investment chat rooms.

Be cautious before investing with a oil producer.
You must be very cautious and check these producers out. A previous article provided provides information to conduct due diligence on oil producers to narrow your search to reputable candidates. Part of your elimination process should be understanding the various oil and gas investments they have to offer and matching those against your investment strategy.

How much should you invest?
When you finally chose the best project and associated oil producer, then consider how much you want to invest. Another past article covers a strategy for systematically creating debt free wealth through oil and gas investing. Spread your available investing capital across several projects to mitigate the risk of any one project being bad. This also ensures you have capital to invest when a true opportunity presents itself. If you are always fully invested, then you may be tempted to borrow funds for investing. Don’t start on that path with oil and gas investments. There are too many risks and you could end up in lots of debt with little cash flow to cover the payments.

Continually learn.
Eventually you need to start with one investment in oil and gas drilling. Don’t research so much that you never take this first step. Know that you will make mistakes and there will be dry holes (a term used to describe a drilled hole that will not produce oil or gas). You will lose money. However, if you never risk your money then you will never have the chance to participate in the very productive wells that can return 20 or more times your money over the life of the well. The rewards can be significant for productive wells, especially at today’s high prices.

Do your homework.
Don’t pass on the opportunity to participate in oil and gas well investments based on negative things you may hear about those companies that give the industry a bad name. Research the companies you want to invest in. Understand whether they are using the latest technologies. Continually learn as much as you can about the oil and gas industry. Find one or more successful oil or gas investor who will mentor and guide you. Learn from them to not repeat the mistakes they may have made. Find out what makes them successful. What is their investment strategy? They may get you into deals you would otherwise not be made aware of. In any case, make a decision and move forward systematically with your investment in oil and gas. Be sure to follow your investment strategy to help make good decisions and avoid those “investments” that do not get you closer to your investing goals that follow your strategy.

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